Pure African Honey Bean


If you have tried Brazilian or Mexican Beans, then a taste of African Honey Beans prepared with a special blend of Yumchop  spices is your next choice. Let me warn you!!! if you like Beans then you will not eat any other type after trying this one ……You can serve as a side dish with rice, bread wrap or as bread filling. However, the typical preference in West African countries is to use as a side dish with fried Plantain  or with Cassava flour *a.k.a* Garri.

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Nutritional Information:

Nutritional Analysis
Typical Values Kcal/Per 100g Kcal/Per Pot 330g % Reference Intake of an average adult 8400 kj/2000kcal per day*
Energy 107 353.1 kcal 17.6%
Fat 3.8 0.63 0.0%
of which saturates 0.9 2.97 0.2%
Carbohydrates 9.6 31.68 1.6%
of which sugars 2.8 9.24 0.5%
Fibre 6.4 21.12 1.1%
Protein 5.3 17.49 0.9%
Salt 0.265 0.87 0.0%



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