Our Story

We’re obsessed with creating our meals, and the huge impact this has on us and your taste buds.

Growing up in a large family has been a privilege for us, filled with joy and incredible memories. Most of which have been formed from the passion of cooking delicious variations of traditional foods within the family.

Ultimately, the kitchen is our favourite part of the house, where we have the freedom and creativity of combining multi-cultural traditions to create incredible dishes that we can share with the rest of the family, friends and now the nation!

For us, it is not just another dish, it’s our passion, love and joy. Our delicious meals are filled with homeliness, warmth and surprise resulting in creating a spark and bringing people together.

It all started with a family and friends’ barbecue in 2007, where Michael discovered an incredible secret blend with the Jamaican Jerk Sauce. The dish sparked such conversation that eventually, in 2016 we decided that we had to get it out there and that is when the birth of “P.K. Jerk” brand happened with our first sampling of our own Jolloff Rice with Pulled Jerk Chicken.

YumChop Beliefs

These are the things we believe in. #YumChopBeliefs

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Our journey so far

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a seamless, hassle free service to busy families and individuals who struggle to find the time for cooking, but still want to eat quality food. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality, delicious service to all of our customers accompanied by our amazing customer service. Being busy should not mean missing out on quality and lovely flavours of the world.

We want to share our passion and love for food through our flavoursome, authentic and delicious meal range because we believe that eating should give you a sense of intense satisfaction, joy and comfort! Sharing our meals at the family table or with friends, creating a community aura that is warm and filled with popping flavours.

We will spark a surprise on your taste buds!

We see the UK market as a melting pot of cultures from around the world and therefore the fusion of African cooking styles/flavours and spices with other cultures will bring about a Twist to meals from around the world.

Start your taste bud journey and get discovering!

YumChop Safety & Freezing Benefits

Food Safety is at the heart of what we do…

The food tubs are clearly labelled with allergy and nutritional information.   

The food tubs are convenient and can be warmed from frozen following the instructions on the tubs.

Our entire manufacturing process up till distribution is certified by STS (a leading food, health and safety body on par with SALSA) organisation for regional supply and distribution of food.

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