About Us

Overview Of Who We Are


Who we are

Yumchop is your quiintessential food manufacturing business specialising in fresh frozen ready meal foods. Our food is natural, fresh, tasty and wholesome.

With a contract with The University Catering Organisation (TUCO) to supply Universities and Colleges across England. Our product range include Afro-Caribbean meals with intercontinental twist. Most of our main products are based around our flagship product Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

Our products are freshly frozen and are completely preservative free with no artificial colouring. We offer range of products covering non-vegetarian, halal and vegetarian meals.

We use super-fast process of freezing which ensures that bacteria has minimal time to develop and keeps our products fresh.

Our frozen food concept minimizes food waste through the longer shelf life ensuring that our business model reduces global food wastage in comparison to food manufacturing focusing on ambient meals.

Our food packaging is already championing paper-based solution for all our product ranges reflecting our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our Concept

Unattended Retailing Kiosk (24 hours)

One of our route to market is via a concept whereby we utilise the use of unattended retailing kiosk as a platform to offer access to our meal 24 hours, 7 days a week.
The Kiosk is a freezer vending machine with an integrated commercial microwave facility to warm the food.

The introduction of the unattended retailing kiosk supports the food on the go    concept that can be deployed into different sectors of the economy i.e.


Warehouses & Serviced Offices,

Hospitals etc.

These kiosks also have the facility for remote management of stock giving real time access to data intelligence to support re stocking and ensuring our clients do not run out of options from our various products.

For  Universities and Colleges.  It offers additional range of food products for your diverse clients. Students will have the option to  buy healthy food at any time of the day.  They will be able to warm their food using the kiosk’s integrated 'new generation' microwave in minutes.

 For offices without a kitchen, it offers a cost effective service for hot food that is quick and easy to prepare. 

For offices with a kitchen, it offers additional range of hot food services.            

Our History

Where it all started….

My wife and I had the privilege to grow up in a large family. A key common large family passion revolves round cooking where assortment of delicious variations of traditional cuisine are created.

For us it was not just another dish. It was simply essential, natural, and wholesome food. And mum always ensured it was tasty too!

One of favourite creations came about through a random but typical family barbeque in 2007 where I discovered a secret blend based on Jamaican jerk sauce. It got such special praise that we had to birth the 'P.K. Jerk' brand in 2016 which we rigorously sampled in creating our very own ubiquitous red rice (aka "jolloff rice") version. Jolloff rice is already an extremely favoured dish.

Fast forward to 2017 and our 'YumChop Foods' range now boasts 15 products lines including our exciting vegetarian-friendly meals creation. It’s not just another food but it is fresh, natural and tasty!

"Our business is your healthy afro-centric with a fusion of Caribbean and intercontinental touch"