About Us


Yumchop is taking the world of ‘meals on the go’ to a new height with our list of natural, fresh and tasty meals.

Access to hot food 24/7

Yumchop has introduced access to food that can be transformed to hot grab and-go’ food in minutes, using its Automatic Retailing Kiosk (ARK) with its own incorporated microwave accessible 24 hours 7 days a week.

With a framework contract with The University Catering Organisation (TUCO), already supplying Universities and Colleges in:

➢ London,
➢ Birmingham and
➢ Great Yarmouth

The kiosk can be deployed into other sectors of the economy including Hospitals, Serviced Offices, Warehouses and other sectors.

Fresh, Tasty and Healthy Food

A manufacturing and retailing company with a selection of authentic, quintessential multi-ethnic frozen ready meals.

Our multi – ethnic variety of Home style cooked meals that are tasty:

➢ with no added Preservatives,
➢ no added artificial colouring,
➢ longer shelf life

With consistent, texture, taste and quality. Described by students:

“As a great alternative” and praised for having “really nice consistency” and “packed with flavour” with 85% of surveyed students rating Yumchop Foods between 4 and 5 stars


➢ Hot, fresh, tasty and nutritional meals in minutes.
➢ Environment friendly paper packaging perfect for grab and go.
➢ Multi – ethnic food.
➢ Vegan and vegetarian options.
➢ Self-use kiosk available 24 hours 7 days a week cutting the cost on kitchen facilities.
➢ Realtime remote monitoring of stock levels and temperature.
➢ Alert management system.